Christmas Loan

Who wouldn’t know? Before Christmas, there is simply no money, which has long been a disaster for many families. For what to buy gifts now, especially if you have a branch relative? There is no other solution than a Christmas loan .

And do not worry, it is not disadvantageous, quite the contrary. The repayment schedule is nothing that you cannot move. Postponing the due date is now quite a common thing, so if you do not have a big paycheck in January, you will have it in February, nothing will surely happen.


Happy Christmas holidays not only for children

Happy Christmas holidays not only for children

When you say a Christmas loan , many will surely get their hair up in horror on their heads. But this is not necessary at all! Just think well in advance and know how you will repay, then everything is in perfect order and nothing can be reproached, at least formally.

This solution is suitable even if it is already on the 20th of December, you are still waiting for a payout, the bonuses will not be this year and you would like to buy something nice to your loved ones. Just for how nice they were to you all year long.

You can rest assured that the non-banking solution is fast and at the latest on December 21st, three days before Christmas Eve, you can go to the store and simply buy the desired thing. Nothing complicated, is it?

What do you need for this loan? It basically depends on how much you want to borrow. If it will be a classic micro-credit, ie a matter of up to five thousand crowns inclusive, count among others on the following.

  • Identity card, respectively. his number. Unfortunately, without it, you really do not move, it is necessary to identify the applicant.
  • Permanent residence in the Czech Republic, at least a mobile phone with the Internet, a bank account in your name (not the spouse you have the right to dispose of, this is not enough).
  • Think carefully about everything. Choose the ideal provider, the one you have information about and who offers a profitable loan. And then – just a few mouse clicks and you’re done!


Try Goodhand, for example

christmas loan

Don’t be afraid to bet for sure! Goodhand stands for professionalism , speed and totally transparent action. Just a Christmas loan as it should be! A Czech company that has a tradition and a great financial background. Possibility of the first free loan for new clients, which is a sin not to use.

Responsible lending of money, fast payout to the account (often literally in minutes), but also helpful approach to the client. Individuals are envisaged, everyone will want to solve their loan for anything a little differently, but Goodhand is well prepared for that. Without paperwork and filling in endless forms!

This is commonplace today, for who would like to bother with the long writing of papers on a stone branch?

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