Partner Loan

Today you do not have to borrow yourself, because there is a possibility that will involve both partners – in the end, in a marital relationship everything should be done so-called half.

A partner loan is clear proof of this. In addition, when you apply for a loan for two, you will get more favorable terms and you may be awarded a higher amount than that intended for individuals. And it pays for itself, isn’t it? That’s why it is a really popular product on the domestic market.


In short, it is better in two

partner loan

Partners can take advantage of not only the best interest rate, which is a better solution for the family cash than if only one of them asks. The application is completely free of charge and will be handled virtually immediately.

Do not worry because there might be more paperwork. This loan , however, does not foresee anything at all, on the contrary, it will be settled at virtually the same speed as if only one person applies for a loan.


And what are the other benefits?

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  • A partner loan can be short or long term. So you can at home figuratively – fold – on a new refrigerator, but also be a reconstruction of the bathroom or living room. The loan is usually without purpose.
  • No upfront fees, no data search in debtors’ registers, no unnecessary delays and waiting. In addition, you can pre-set how much you would like to repay – and change the monthly payment later in the event of difficulties.
  • You don’t have to be married. While the newlywed loan, which our parents might have used, was subject to an official bond, this is not the case here. No name change, it is a brand new and flexible product on the Czech market!

In addition, it is clear that with two incomes the loan will be better repaid – one can draw the household, the other can pay the repayment schedule of the previously agreed loan.

On average, non-banking companies can provide up to twenty percent more money to both partners than if only one had applied for a loan. And for larger loans, it is very important, because the reconstruction of the housing core will require more money, consolidation of earlier loans as well – and we could devote enough examples to the examples.

Don’t be afraid to act; There are many opportunities around partner loans in recent months and years, and this product has become extremely popular due to its maximum flexibility. In other words, everything can be agreed upon, why then do some wrinkles? There is no need for them at this point, as a partner loan is a completely transparent product.


What about Bella Quest ?

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Advantageous loans are also offered by Bella Quest. Up to seven thousand for new clients, plus the possibility of a first free loan. Transparent negotiations from the first contact, individual approach for each applicant, the possibility to obtain up to fifteen thousand in a repeated application. A loan for anything that is not just a payday!

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