Save More Money in Everyday Life

Maybe you’re at SU, maybe you’re a family of five, no matter what most people want to save more money in everyday life. It can actually be done relatively easily. The main reason people spend more money than they need is often due to laziness. Because often the fast solutions are the easiest, especially food and TV. Here you have the opportunity to get tips and tricks to save money in your daily life.

Set a budget

Set a budget

First of all, setting a private budget is a really good idea. By creating a budget for your personal finances, you create an overview that aims to show how much money is coming into the account and how many are spending.
This allows you to quickly see which items are most important in your budget and where you can cut back.

For many people, a budget is an eye opener, as not everyone is really aware of where all their money has gone, at the end of the month. By maintaining a monthly budget, you have no doubt what the money is going to.

Creating a budget does not have to be a complicated process. You can quickly create an Excel document with the monthly records. Alternatively, a lot of apps are offered for your smartphone which makes it easy for you to keep track of the fact, as these apps are extremely user friendly and you always have your budget at your fingertips.

Shop once a week

Shop once a week

Some may think that shopping once a week is problematic, but it can actually be done. Of course, this requires good planning, as you have to be in control of the menu for a whole week at a time, and you have to estimate how much toilet paper to use.

To make weekly shopping work, it is ideal to make a meal plan. Then you have no doubt what needs to be created in the kitchen from day to day and thus you can buy all the ingredients needed at once.

Impulse purchases may well fill more than is good in the budget. That’s why it’s important to keep this in mind when shopping – maybe I can do without the Snickers . Reducing the purchase rate to once a week also minimizes the risk of impulse purchases as you are not tempted as often.

Drop the 100 TV channels

Drop the 100 TV channels

Few people use just half of their TV channels. Despite that, many of us choose to purchase the largest TV package. Many TV providers today offer solutions where you specifically choose which channels you want. This avoids paying for all the channels that you do not use.

There will certainly also be the proportion that do not need TV channels at all, here may be a good alternative to the many streaming services available online. For example, if you choose to create both a Netflix account and a Viaplay account, you end up giving about a third of the amount that the largest TV package typically costs.

Another alternative is to start using the public libraries. Here you can borrow a wide selection of films and of course books – it is quite free.

Use these tips in your daily life and you will achieve noticeable savings within a few months

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